The Pandemic Will Change Boise Real Estate Forever

Two monumental shifts are happening with Boise real estate right now and nobody is talking about them.

Leaving Big Cities

Have you ever watched a disaster flick? What is the first thing people do when a disaster strikes?


I’m a self-admitted Twitter addict. This comes with a few negatives. but the positives include keeping a pulse on our culture, in real-time.

Many people are ready to get out of big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York. The list goes on and on. These people are terrified. I don’t claim to be a genius but I do know one thing:

Fear is the biggest motivator of all.

Think about it, would you want to have lived in a city of over 10 million people when this pandemic hit? Of course not!

Moving to Boise

If we thought people moving to Boise in droves was a problem 3 months ago. Imagine what it’ll be like for the next 2 years while it is still fresh in everyone’s mind!

The pandemic changed everything

Apartment Living

When was the last time you lived in an apartment?

If it’s been a long time you will have forgotten how much it sucked. I lived in apartments for 10 years of my adult life. I can tell you that I will never go back.

Millions of millennials are living in cramped apartments with people on top of them. Oh also, below them, on the sides of them, in front of them and in some cases behind them. No joke.

These millennials also watched their friends upgrade their homes during the quarantine. As a renter, I assume most of them felt ashamed that they had nothing to improve during that time.

I know this because I upgraded my house the entire lockdown, I posted about it. A friend reached out to me via text and vented about how jealous he was. He kept saying “why do I have to live in this shitty apartment?

Boise’s Future

We will have more people moving to Boise because of this pandemic. Millennials will want to be homeowners after this whole event. These two factors will drive Boise real estate for years to come.

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