Buy Land – They’re Not Making Any More

That term has always been true. Now in Idaho, it might as well be tattooed on every Idahoan’s forehead. 

My blog is centered around real estate and land in Boise and the surrounding areas. You can learn anything you want about these topics here. If you are looking for something specific, please use the search bar. Type in anything from subdivisions, credit scores, money, counties, prices etc.

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How To Rent Your First Home Out And Buy Another

The easiest way to build wealth is to keep it. Real estate is for normal people. There aren’t complicated calculations. No patents or trademarks. No managing people for a business. No pyramid schemes. No crazy trading. If you understand supply and demand then you understand real estate. In this video you will learn: The step…

What Can You Buy in Boise for $400,000?

Affordable Compared to Mega Cities Boise is growing and it shows no signs of stopping. Locals believe that prices are getting out of control. People who have lived in megacities before or have studied them realize this is just the beginning for Boise. Cities get bigger, run out of room and prices go up. Many…

The Pandemic Will Change Boise Real Estate Forever

Two monumental shifts are happening with Boise real estate right now and nobody is talking about them. Leaving Big Cities Have you ever watched a disaster flick? What is the first thing people do when a disaster strikes? LEAVE THE BIG CITIES! I’m a self-admitted Twitter addict. This comes with a few negatives. but the…

5 Reasons People Are Moving To Boise

Thinking about moving to Boise? Boise should be the top of your list! This fast-growing city is the perfect blend of convenience and culture. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another city that still manages to have a close-knit vibe that makes everybody feel right at home. If you have your sights set on moving West,…

The Emotional Power of Saving Money

All the tips and tricks in the world will convince you to do useless “savings tactics”. It won’t work, this will! That’s it, that’s the secret. If you do that for a year, you’ll start to truly understand the power of saving and keeping money.